• High sound quality 50mm headphones
  • Flexible microphone
  • White LED lighting
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable headband
  • Compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch™, tablet & smartphones, PS4™, PS5™, XBOX ONE™, XBOX ONE X/S™, XBOX SERIES X/S™

    XBOX ONE compatibility: Any headset with a jack connection is compatible, but an audio adapter not included is required.

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Pink perfection

These Barbie™ gaming headphones feature high precision 50mm drivers that ensure high fidelity sound. With them, anything is possible! With the Barbie™ headphones you can reach your full potential thanks to surround sound that immerses you in your favorite music, videos and games.

Express your personality

With high-quality construction and a defined gaming aesthetic that contrasts with the iconic pink of the world’s favorite doll, these headphones display the Barbie™ logo on both ear cups. This logo is illuminated in an elegant white color to accompany you through your night sessions, bringing a touch of light to your gaming setup.

The Barbie™ Krom Khali are an ideal size. The incredibly light and adaptable headband comes with extra soft pads, so you’ll barely notice even if you have them on all day.

For even more fun

Featuring a durable and flexible microphone so you can adapt it to your needs. Make videocalls in total comfort, or if gaming is your thing, these headphones will mean you enjoy your sessions even more. With volume control on your headset, you’ll be able to make any adjustments quickly and accurately, without losing focus. Turn it up or turn it down – however you like.

Imagine the possibilities

Perfect sound anywhere and a cute fantasy look. Krom Khali is a headset compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch™, tablets and smartphones, as well as the latest consoles on the market. These Barbie™ headphones are perfect for gaming, and enjoying music, movies, series or whatever else you feel like on your favorite platforms.