Knout Speed Black Bulk Edition


  • Reduced size bulk packaging, without cardboard box
  • Smooth surface for optimum slip
  • High performance for optical and laser mice
  • Rubber base for greater fixation
  • Medium size: 320 x 270 x 3 mm

In stock



Quality materials

With a soft microfiber surface that offers low friction with the mouse, the Knout Speed Black gaming mouse pad makes fast movements possible.

Its non-slip rubber base, which grips any surface, remains immobile against even the most sudden movements. In addition, the Knout Speed Black gaming mouse pad has 3mm of padded foam that provides the perfect cushioning.

Under any circumstances

Accuracy, confidence, speed. The lightweight Knout Speed Black ensures maximum control in any situation and with any type of mouse, as it's a mat that guarantees an excellent glide with both optical and laser type mice.

Designed for victory

The Knout Speed Black mouse pad boasts a sleek gaming design in the color of the night. Its stitched edges, in a powerful orange hue, give it greater durability, as well as extreme resistance, making it the best ally to defeat your enemies.

Additional information


Double stitching for an extra of durability, Microfiber surface with minimal friction suitable for laser and optical mice, Smooth and soft surface




Black and orange


320 x 270 x 3 mm