Wheel and pedals set K-Wheel Pro



Drive like never before with the Krom K-WHEEL PRO. The ultimate pack for a realistic racing steering wheel experience has a triple pedal and manual gear shift, so while you race you'll feel like you're actually there on the circuit.

  • Steering wheel, pedal set and gearshift lever
  • Steering wheel paddles
  • Vibration effects on the steering wheel
  • PC, PS3™, PS4™*, SWITCH and XBOX ONE® compatible
    The controller does not need to be an original PS4 controller, it can be a licensed third-party controller.

immersive experience

Designed for the track, built with robust high quality materials , the Krom K-Wheel PRO allows you to feel like a real racing driver thanks to its realistic aesthetics.

This complete driving pack is made up of a racing wheel that offers a pleasant touch .

With double vibration motor , you will feel in the rally and there will be no asphalt that you cannot face.

In addition, Krom K-Wheel also includes spring-loaded pedals that will allow you to accelerate, brake and clutch as you wish, and a manual gear lever that gives you a secure and comfortable grip, so you can be the first on the circuit.

rotation angles

With an incredible travel, so you can face the curves without fear, the K-Wheel PRO steering wheel has two rotation modes, one that covers 270º and another that covers 900º , so you can make those impressive turns, leaving your rivals behind .

This steering wheel, which integrates paddles, adapts to your driving style. You can adjust the sensitivity in three levels: minimum, medium and maximum . Calibrate it and experience an immersive race.

drive safe

In addition, so that you can drive comfortably, K-Wheel incorporates powerful suction cups on the base to ensure excellent stability and perfect support, both on flat surfaces and on gaming desks.

Cross-platform compatibility

Krom K-Wheel is a very versatile pack compatible with PC, PS3™, PS4™, Switch® and XBOX One® , so you can fully enjoy all your favorite racing games on any of these platforms.

  • Manual transmission: Gear lever and paddles on the steering wheel
  • PC inputs: X-Input and D-Input
  • Rotation angle: 900º / 270º
  • Pedals: spring
  • Fixation system: suction cups
  • steering wheel grip: plastic
  • Vibration effects on the steering wheel
  • Working power: 5V / ≤160mA
  • 15 buttons
Connection USB
Cable length 200cm
Dimensions 280 x 340 x 285mm
Weight 4,700g
Compatibility pc | PS3™ | PS4™* | SWITCH | XBOXONE®
The controller does not need to be an original PS4 controller, it can be a licensed third-party controller.