take over the road

The 33 cm diameter steering wheel is inspired by motorsports and guarantees excellent comfort during long games thanks to its ergonomic design.

It has a 180º rotation angle that will allow you to make incredible turns and experience a true driving sensation in a pleasant way, thanks to its synthetic fabric grip that offers you a better grip and its vibration effects that give reality to your experience on the asphalt.

Prepared for the competition

The Krom K-Wheel includes a sequential gear system through its gear lever and paddles located on the same steering wheel, which gives you greater agility in turns and immediate gear change without having to let go of the gear. no time the rudder of your vehicle.

It has 12 buttons (8 analog and 4 digital) with which you can select different options, including X-Input and D-Input mode.

In addition, K-Wheel includes acceleration and brake pedals with an angle and travel inspired by automotive standards so that your driving experience feels like you are on the same track.

Connect it and drive safe.

The K-Wheel has a sturdy structure with a central clamping system with 7 powerful suction cups that offer you optimal stability on desks and all types of tables, so you only have to plug your K-Wheel into your PC, PS3, PS4 or XBOX One and enjoy unlimited driving. Feel the feedback and don't lose track.