The immediacy in your hands

Dare with any maneuver and show off precision in each movement thanks to its cable connection, which guarantees an immediate transmission of information, and therefore minimizes any latency problem.

In addition, you will be able to hear each sound effect coming directly from the controller thanks to its integrated speaker and its stereo headphone jack, so you can also listen to them in private.

Ergonomics and resistance

Kaiser has been designed to fit perfectly in your hands and provide the best comfort so you can play for hours without feeling uncomfortable. It has high quality resistant materials and textured finishes on the grips to offer you a comfortable grip.

In addition, Kaiser's buttons are arranged in such a way that you don't have to stretch your fingers too far or adopt unnatural positions so that you can get the most out of all the movements of your hands.

Customization and compatibility

Kaiser is a multi- platform controller that is easy to customize, it has 12 buttons and 4 rear levers that can be configured to replicate any of the other 8 buttons in a simple and intuitive way and that allows you to save up to 2 profiles.

Enjoy your Krom Kaiser and the precision of movement offered by its controls on whatever your preferred platforms are, thanks to its compatibility with PC (D-Input and STEAM platform games), PS4 or PS3. Just plug it in and get ready to win.