You will listen before anyone else

Krom Kappa offers stereo sound thanks to its 50 mm drivers that provide immersive and precise audio of great quality. With them you will have the entire game environment under control; Your opponents won't catch you off guard thanks to its immersive sound that lets you hear everything from the lightest footfall to the loudest explosion with clarity.

Adjust the volume without distraction, on the fly, by turning the wheel that you will find on the left ear cup, easily adapting to the demands of each moment of the game.

lasting comfort

It boasts a comfortable padded and adjustable headband with an ultra-light structure. Krom Kappa has been designed not to squeeze, also thinking of those gamers who use glasses for long games. They will hold comfortably on your head without that annoying feeling that they are slipping off.

Its integrated microphone picks up the voice accurately. With omnidirectional pickup, so that you are always heard loud and clear, it is also flexible, allowing you to adjust it to the desired distance for the best communication.

Good sound in full color

With a simple and elegant design, with an optimal sound, it is perfect to complete your setup, achieving a most impressive effect, living a most complete experience.