Mechanical keyboard with red switches

With a reduced size, Krom Kasic TKL has a format that adapts to any setup. Their high quality switches They offer good performance so you can enjoy your favorite games.

So you don't have to worry about hitting the Windows key and accidentally leaving the game, This Krom mechanical keyboard allows you to play in "Game Mode" , blocking said key. Also, makes it possible to swap the WASD keys and the direction keys .

On the other hand, thanks to anti-ghosting system that includes 25 of its keys , you can press several simultaneously to execute any action without fear that the keyboard will not register your commands. With Krom Kasic TKL you will be more competitive .

top quality

Krom Kasic TKL is a very compact keyboard, but also ultralight, which has been designed with quality materials, with soft-touch keys and comfortable to press , which respond effectively.

The cable that this mechanical keyboard has is 150 cm long , which will allow you to play with total freedom.

The Krom Kasic TKL keyboard it is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 : you will be able to play, but also use it to study or work with fluidity.

Lighting for each game

Krom Kasic TKL has RGB lighting and rainbow effect which cycles through all the keys, as well as different lighting modes . You can count on lighting in each game, visualizing the keys perfectly in the dark of night games.