Ergonomic and immersive

Enjoy all the nuances and sound levels thanks to the high sensitivity of its 50mm speakers , which provide excellent sound quality and optimal isolation.

In addition, the Krom Kayle headphones have been designed to offer you maximum comfort during long sessions thanks to their padded ear cushions and adjustable headband that adapt smoothly to each user.

Light up your gaming experience

The Krom Kayle headphones are made of resistant and flexible materials, and have an aggressive and innovative design that includes lighting in 7 colors and an RGB flow effect so you can experience absolute gaming immersion during your night sessions.

In addition, Kayle incorporates a flexible microphone that records a completely clean sound and that you can adjust in different positions according to the needs of each moment so that nothing distracts you from the game.

Total and immediate control

Take control of your Kayles thanks to its easy-to-access controls , located on the earpiece, so you can adjust the volume of the speakers, mute the microphone and change the color / effect of the lighting.

In addition, thanks to its extensive mesh cable (210 cm) you will be able to have great freedom of movement during the game and enjoy your Kayle for a long time since this braiding makes them more resistant to friction and the wear and tear of use.