play wherever you want

You can play wherever you want with Krom Kayros, a wireless controller with a lithium battery of 10-12 hours autonomy, being able to feel the freedom of not having cables at a maximum distance of 10 meters .

Designed for intensive gaming

The Krom Kayros controller has been developed to be able to enjoy long gaming sessions comfortably, intensively and without noticing any fatigue in the hands or arms.

Ergonomics is guaranteed thanks to a button layout designed for a natural and intuitive touch .

control everything

This gamepad for gamers has textured sides for greater comfort, facilitating a good grip.

It has analog joysticks and vibrating buttons to feel every movement and live a more realistic experience in the game. You can choose the level of vibration by pressing the TURBO button and the + or - button depending on the mode you want: from no vibration, weak vibration, medium or strong. Assign this function to buttons A, B, X, Y, L and R and be number one.

Similarly, you can choose the speed with the Auto-Fire function : select between 5, 12 or 20 times per second and do not lose decisive time.

Reliable and durable buttons

Good touch and great responsiveness is what this professional gaming controller offers, which also offers multiple customization options .

Move as you like with this gaming controller for demanding gamers : with a good distribution with the two analog sticks placed diagonally , it is a recommended controller also for FPS games .

Gamepad for smartphones

Krom Kayros is also a gamepad for smartphones . It integrates a robust retractable support that allows you to place any mobile phone and play as many games as you want of arcade games.

Cross-platform compatibility

You will be able to use Krom Kayros on your PC, connecting it through Bluetooth or through its cable . Also enjoy your favorite games on Switch™, Android™ and iOS™ with this wireless gamepad via Bluetooth 5.0 .