A clear sound that guides your steps

Krom Klaim headphones They offer crystal clear, crisp sound, thanks to their 50mm drivers. The audio quality they provide will allow you to locate your rivals and anticipate their movements, fully immersing you in the game. So that nothing distracts you in your conquest of the enemy nexus, you can adjust the volume thanks to its control integrated in the left earphone without having to pause the game, keeping your attention on the screen.

extreme comfort

The Krom Klaim present a Ergonomic design thanks to an impressive headband with a very light and self-adjusting structure , which ensures comfort during long gaming sessions. With a minimum weight , you will forget about them, not noticing discomfort after hours of use.

These gaming headsets boast a good construction and excellent finishes: their large, soft-touch pads They fit perfectly in all ears, providing good insulation from the outside.

adjustable microphone

The omnidirectional microphone of the Krom Klaim is flexible, adjustable position , which enables comfortable communication at all times. With good sensitivity, it ensures a perfect interaction.

Original gaming aesthetic

With an impressive gaming design, Krom Klaim incorporates in its RGB LED lighting headband. Their rainbow effect gives an attractive transition of colors, giving the headphones an impressive gamer aesthetic , enhancing its design and capturing attention.

play where you play

For PC and console gamers, Krom Klaim has a double 3.5 mm jack for the headphone and microphone, while the USB is used to connect the RGB lighting.