mini design

Krom Kluster is a mini gamer keyboard that will help you free up space on your desktop. Its compact design will guarantee you greater comfort on each map, helping you to overcome every challenge that comes your way.

Its perfect size makes it the ideal mini mechanical keyboard to play, but also to study or work , being able to be easily transported from one place to another, being a keyboard that adapts to any type of setup, thanks to its careful design.

benefits to win

Krom Kluster boasts high compatibility : you can use it with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac computers and devices.

This mini keyboard includes mechanical switches . Its Gaming Mode will also allow you to deactivate the uncomfortable Windows key, preventing it from interrupting your game.

Krom Kluster is also a full anti-ghosting keyboard , which will make your gaming sessions super fluid, by being able to press several keys at the same time without fear of blocking to defeat the enemy.

RGB backlight

Each of its 62 powerful keys features RGB backlighting , so you'll recognize each switch at a glance. Krom Kluster also offers a total of 17 fully customizable lighting effects : you can easily choose the speed and intensity of each of them, adapting the lights to your gameplay.

Wireless mini mechanical keyboard

With Krom Kluster say goodbye to uncomfortable cables. You can connect this mini keyboard through its braided USB cable , which offers greater resistance over time, or through Bluetooth 5.0 .