premium materials

Knout Kontrol is made with a micro fiber surface, perfect for both optical and laser mice. Its base made of non-slip rubber gives it great stability, preventing it from moving around the table and providing a better grip on any type of surface.

Control in all situations

The Knout Kontrol finish is perfect for obtaining precise movements: the friction of the mouse with the mat will be greater, thus guaranteeing slower and more controlled movements.

Its 3 mm thickness and its padded foam padding (to provide greater comfort to your hands) make Knout Kontrol a light and easy to transport gaming mousepad.

gaming design

Knout Kontrol has a contour reinforced by sewn edges, which gives it high resistance over time.

Like the rest of the Knout family, its look & feel mixes black and orange gaming fierceness with the precision, comfort and durability that only true premium materials can provide.