Unbeatable glide

It features a large heat-treated surface (900mm x 350mm) that gives it outstanding smoothness and feel, and gives you the spectrum you need for fast, wide gliding on both optical and laser mice.

Its thickness, only 3 mm, provides you with the necessary cushioning without losing lightness, offering you stability and adherence while remaining immobile even with the most abrupt slides.

light up every battle

The Knout XL RGB mousepad has RGB LED strip edges where up to 6.8 million colors are projected so that you can enjoy an authentic visual spectacle of effects and colors while you are immersed in the adrenaline of the game.

Choose from 6 fixed colors and 3 modes (Breathing, Sparking and Spectrum) with just one click.

Your strategy, your moves

Enjoy great speed and precision of your movements, as well as unbeatable gliding on both optical and laser mice, with the Knout XL RGB mousepad, the perfect ally for any competitive discipline.

It has a 2-meter-long removable USB cable that guarantees greater durability and resistance to friction. In addition, the sides of the mat are reinforced so that you can enjoy your gaming mat for a long time.