An amazing sound experience

With Kode's virtual 7.1 surround sound, you'll notice sound details that aren't there for most headsets. Thanks to its reproduction fidelity and Kode's complete set of configurable sound scenes, you will be able to anticipate the movements of your enemies or discover previously hidden nuances in your favorite videos and music.

Perfect insulation and fit

Lightweight, padded in all their contact areas and with light ergonomics (developed with high quality materials), the Kode headphones have 50mm diameter illuminated orange ear cups, which gently surround your ears to protect them from rubbing and isolate you acoustically. even in the most saturated environments.

Kode allows long sessions of listening, gaming or work without fatigue, thanks to its lightweight design and an adjustable and padded headband that fits perfectly to your head.

Flexibility and full control

With Kode's complete online controller you can regulate the volume by turning a wheel or activate and deactivate its microphone by sliding a button.

Kode's omnidirectional microphone is flexible, allowing each user to position it at the right distance for perfect, clear voice transmission.

compatibility and speed

Thanks to its gold-plated USB connection (which allows even faster connectivity compared to most headphones), you can enjoy your Kode wherever you want, since they are compatible with both PlayStation 4 and all versions of the Windows Operating System. , from XP to Windows 10.