flexible microphone

Kopa headsets have a flexible omnidirectional microphone that allows you to adjust it to the right distance for each user, so that voice transmission is always clear and sharp, thus guaranteeing maximum quality communication with other players.

Guaranteed comfort

Kopa has padded and ultra-soft cushions both on the ear cups and on the headband, made of high-quality materials and with a soft and pleasant touch.

Its adjustable headband and ultralight weight guarantee hours of use with the greatest comfort.

High quality sound

With 50mm speakers that isolate you perfectly from the outside world, with Kopa and its high quality stereo sound you will enjoy hours of gaming and music without interruptions even in the most saturated environments. Of course, connected to the device you need, be it a tablet, smartphone or PC / Mac.

Kopa also incorporates its volume and microphone control on the left earpiece, so you'll have greater freedom and control at all times.