Make yourself heard, loud and clear

The flexible multidirectional microphone built into the Kopa PRO headphones can be adjusted to as far away or near to your face as you need. It transmits your voice crisply and clearly, guaranteeing precise communication with your team and other players.

Great comfort

These gaming headphones will provide fantastic comfort during even your longest gaming sessions, with ultra soft, padded cushions on their ear cups and headband. They’ve been designed using top quality materials with a soft and pleasant touch.

Wear them for hours without even noticing you have them on, thanks to their ultralight adjustable headband. The Kopa PRO has been designed not to put pressure on your head, making it ideal for gamers who wear glasses too.

Excellent sound quality

Isolate yourself from the outside world and focus only on the game with the Krom Kopa PRO’s 50 mm speakers and high-quality stereo sound. Enjoy uninterrupted gaming and music sessions - yes, even in the noisiest environments. Their surround sound means your rivals won’t ever catch you off guard.

You can control the volume of your Kopa PRO using the volume and microphone control on the left earpiece, giving you maximum freedom and control at all times.