The Kritic RGB headphones provide surround sound, good quality stereo, through their 50 mm drivers, thus having the gaming environment controlled at all times. So that nothing distracts you, you can easily adjust its volume thanks to the wheel on its left earpiece. With its padded and adjustable headband, you won't notice the long and intense hours in front of the screen. In addition, it includes a flexible microphone that you can adapt to ensure good communication.


It has a spectacular RGB backlight, which will give your setup an outstanding gaming aesthetic, being able to adjust mode (Breath or Rainbow), brightness and speed as you wish.

This membrane keyboard, with high-profile keys, has 10 multimedia keys, to access different functions, as well as a Windows lock key. It also has anti-ghosting technology, with which you can press up to 19 keys at the same time, being able to do any action with total freedom. On the other hand, through a simple and easy combination, you can exchange the WASD keys with the direction keys.


With vivid RGB lighting, the Kritic mouse will fit perfectly in your hand thanks to its ergonomic, compact and lightweight design. With mesh cable, for a longer duration, its optical sensor reaches up to 6400 DPI (800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6400), adapting to the demands of the game.


Complete your setup with the Kritic mat, whose large surface of 320 x 270 x 3 mm will allow you to carry out any movement. Its speed finish, ideal for all types of mice, both optical and laser, guarantees you the precision, security and speed you are looking for. In addition, you can enjoy it for much longer thanks to its sewn edges.