Two technologies, one weapon

A hybrid keyboard that combines the best of both architectures: a compact design with virtually silent keystrokes in a mechanism that replicates the feeling and short response time of mechanical keyboards.

Krom Kuma switches are designed to guarantee optimum response speed, reducing hand fatigue thanks to their semi-mechanical design.

RGB lighting with multicolor effects

Krom Kuma offers you a complete gaming immersion thanks to its LED backlighting in 8 colors and 4 spectacular lighting effects that you can configure directly from the keyboard.

Up to 16.8 million colors in a light show that will delight any set-up, especially those who love night games, where they will be able to easily identify each key, since Kuma also allows speed and intensity to be adjusted lighting with a simple combination of keys.

Versatility and performance

In short, Krom Kuma is the perfect keyboard to deal with in any battle since it is fast, precise and easy to use.

It has 115 keys, including 9 dedicated multimedia keys and a volume wheel, anti-ghosting function (up to 25 keys simultaneously) and gaming mode (windows key lock).

You can configure all of this on-the-fly in an easy and intuitive way, since Krom Kuma does not need software.

In addition, so that you have everything at hand and do not lose sight of the game, Kuma has a retractable support for smartphones so that you can store the most important items in the same viewing angle.

Krom Kuma is compatible with all versions of Windows, you don't need any extras to work with it. Just plug it in and start enjoying.