The Krom Kustom keyboard is a membrane keyboard designed to get you across the finish line at full speed. Featuring a low-key design that echoes the monstrous shapes of the most incredible vehicles in the Hot Wheels™ world, this gaming keyboard features a total of 105 keys, all of which have the perfect size and feel.

Ten of the keys on the Krom Kustom keyboard are multimedia, meaning you can directly access your email and control the volume or playback of your favourite content, as well as other functions.

To make sure Windows doesn't get in the way, there's also Game Mode. You'll find anti-ghosting technology in nineteen keys, too, so that all your moves can be made without hesitation. And the Hot Wheels ™ gaming keyboard offers you the option to swap the WASD and direction keys.

This keyboard also features Rainbow effect RGB LED backlighting, creating the perfect, fun gaming environment, and completely immersing you in the race.


Its ergonomic design guarantees you comfortable handling on the track - you'll dominate any ramp or springboard that comes your way.

Show off your braking power and expert handling with this mouse with RGB LED backlighting and 6 on-the-fly adjustable DPI levels. Choose from 800 to 7200 DPI (800 - 1200 - 1500 - 2400 - 4000 - 7200 DPI) and race incredible loops thanks to six buttons that will put you in control, shooting up the rankings to top position.


Step on the accelerator without fear, because with the mousemat that comes in this 3-in-1 gaming combo you won't lose control. With an incredible design that pays tribute to one of the craziest and most impressive vehicles ever, the Bone Shaker™, you'll glide confidently on a soft surface and rubber base that ensure the stability you need.