Mini design, greater comfort

Free up space on your desk with the Krom Kyara mini gaming keyboard. Superior comfort is guaranteed with its compact design, designed to help you overcome every new challenge that comes your way.

Its size makes this mini mechanical keyboard perfect for gaming, but also for studying or working too, since you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Carefully designed, it will adapt to any type of setup.

Created to win

The Krom Kyara is a mini keyboard that incorporates red Hot Swap mechanical switches, and two spares, so you can quickly and easily change them yourself. With Gaming Mode you can disable the occasionally inconvenient Windows key, and avoid annoying interruptions to your game. 

Stop worrying that your keyboard will lock when you press several keys at once in the heat of the moment. The Krom Kyara's full anti-ghosting function will make your gaming sessions unbelievably fluid. 

The Krom Kyara offers high compatibility - it can be used on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux computers and devices.

RGB backlighting

From a total of 22 fully customizable lighting effects you can choose the one that best suits your configuration. It's easy to switch between different lighting speeds and intensities.  Each of the 64 powerful keys of the Krom Kyara boasts RGB backlighting.

Mini wireless mechanical keypad

Say goodbye to the annoying cables which clutter up your setup. This compact keyboard can be connected through Bluetooth or using its durable braided USB cable. Receiver included.