born to stand out

With Kyra, add light and color to your endless gaming sessions and defeat your enemies. Its clear RGB backlighting with powerful, but not annoying, colors will allow you to enhance the keyboard, giving your gaming space the desired striking appearance, being able to choose between its lighting modes, such as Breath or Rainbow, also adjusting the brightness and speed to your taste in an easy way, without the need for software.

For maximum performance

Designed for gamers, with a compact design, well built, with durable materials, the height and keystroke are focused on guaranteeing optimal response in the game. Kyra features 10 conveniently sized, super soft-touch fluid media keys, plus Windows key lock.

Kyra has a strong structure that ensures stability, without forgetting, in addition, its comfortable wrist rest for long sessions, as well as a long braided cable that guarantees greater durability.

Compete with ease

Stop suffering from ghosting and compete safely. For games that require pressing two or more keys at the same time to make a movement, it has an anti-ghosting system of up to 19 keys that allows each keystroke to be detected correctly, allowing you to execute actions without limits. On the other hand, you will be able to exchange WASD keys with arrow keys by means of simple commands.