The best ally of your battles

Krom synthesizes speed and precision in the perfect weapon that every professional player needs to fight endless games every day. The Krom Movistar Riders provides you with the maximum rigor and accuracy in your movements thanks to its PIXART PMW 3330 optical sensor and a complete software that will allow you to save different macros.

It also has 6 adjustable DPI levels (800/1600/2400/3600/4800/7200) with which you can move with a single click so that nothing distracts you from fighting your rival. In addition, from its software, you will be able to assign a color to each DPI jump so that you can immediately recognize its sensitivity at all times.

A design conceived to succeed

An ergonomic and elegant design that offers you an excellent grip and glide with which you can fight the enemy for many hours in the most comfortable way. The Krom Movistar Riders reflects the strength, firmness and perseverance of the club, with which you can live an authentic gaming experience thanks to its super intense lighting with fully customizable effects.

In addition, it has 7 configurable buttons that will allow you to execute macros and keyboard shortcuts created and assigned from its software so that you can register your movements and concentrate solely on taking down the enemy.

Multiply all your options

To further multiply your competitive advantage and the possibilities of your Krom Movistar Riders, it includes a complete software with which you can configure all the details of your mouse. It will allow you to create macros, change the color, effects, intensity and speed of each of the modes, as well as being able to save infinite profiles.

Create your own combinations and adapt it to your movements so that nothing stops you on your way to victory.