• Joystick and mechanical arcade buttons
  • Ultra-resistant structure
  • 8 main buttons, turbo mode and 2 macros
  • D-Pad or X/Y input modes
  • Compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and XBOX ONE

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Unites past, present and future

Immerse yourself in the arcade experience with this multiplatform control that combines the simplicity and robustness of arcade machines with cutting-edge performance and technology.

Krom Kumite matches the conventional design of arcade machines, with a similar distribution of lever and mechanical buttons strategically built into an ultra-resistant structure, meaning you can recreate the force and sounds straight out of the games of the 90's.

A perfectly optimized classic

Krom Kumite has a high performance joystick and 8 main action buttons with a high response rate, so nothing gets between your tactics and the screen.

It features D-Pad or X/Y input modes that you can directly select in each game according to your current needs or personal taste when the time comes to defeat your opponents, and so you don't miss a single combo during the game you can save up to 2 different combinations thanks to its Macros.

In addition, so that you can enjoy the best possible performance in your game, Krom Kumite includes the turbo function which you can quickly select on the fly whenever you need to, without losing your concentration.

Stability and resistance

Kumite is ready for long gaming sessions thanks to its ergonomic iron structure, designed to offer the user the best possible comfort and stability during their game. It has non-slip rubber feet that provide grip and firmness on any type of surface.

In addition, Kumite is made with solid materials, which guarantee high resistance to wear and tear and consequently an excellent lifespan.

Krom Kumite is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and XBOX One. Just plug it in and get ready to win.

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Gamepad designed for arcade and fighting games, Joystick and mechanical arcade buttons, 8 main buttons, turbo mode and 2 macros, Analog joystick and triggers, Ultra resistant structure, Modos D-Pad o X/Y




D-Pad or X/Y input modes

Cable lenght

1.8 m


335 x 230 x 97 mm


1240 g