7.1 virtual headset Kanyon Hot Wheels



Experience racing like never before with this incredible design, featuring the iconic Hot Wheels™ logo and built-in LED lighting on both ear cups. The Krom Official Headset for Hot Wheels™ features an adjustable microphone and 7.1 surround sound to immerse yourself in the game.

  • 7.1 virtual sound
  • 50mm headphones
  • RGB Rainbow LED illumination
  • Flexible microphone
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable headband
  • PC™, PS4™, PS5™ compatible
    *PS4 and PS5 compatibility: The volume controller and 7.1 sound will not work. The sound will be stereo.

An immersive experience

The 50 mm diameter speakers offer precise sound. The Krom Kanyon's 7.1 virtual surround sound will make you feel as if you're really there on the track. Get to first position as you hear your rivals' every acceleration, brake and skid.

Unique design

Made with durable yet flexible materials, the Krom Kanyon's striking design includes the iconic Hot Wheels™ logo at centre stage, and an RGB LED strip on both ear cups, too. Stand out from the crowd and create the perfect gaming atmosphere with this gaming headset's illumination.

The Krom Kanyon's headband is incredibly light and its ear cups have quality cushioning which means you'll stay comfortable even after hours of use.

Feel everything to the max

This headset is ideal for gaming, with a built-in multi-directional microphone so you can give clear orders to your team. The position of this flexible microphone can be easily adjusted.

That's not all - the official Hot Wheels™ headphones include volume control and muting integrated into the cable, so you can react to every moment without being distracted and never have to take your eyes off the screen.

Versatile compatibility

With USB connection for excellent connectivity and a nylon braided cable, the Krom Kanyon is compatible with PC, PS4™ and PS5™ (stereo sound on PS4™ and PS5™).

  • Virtual 7.1 sound
  • High sound quality 50 mm headphones
  • Volume and mute control on the cable
  • Adjustable, lightweight headband for added comfort
  • RGB Rainbow LED lighting
  • Micro-USB/USB
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Response frequency: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm +/- 15%
  • Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
  • Directivity: Omnidirectional
  • Response frequency: 50 Hz - 10,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -42 +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: ≤ 2.2k Ohm
  • PC · PS4™ · PS5™
  • *PS4™ and PS5™ compatibility: The volume controller and 7.1 sound will not work. The sound will be stereo.
Connection USB
Cable length 200cm
Dimensions 205 x 202 x 99mm
Weight 306g