Microphone Kimu Pro



Kimu Pro is Krom's new bet on professional studio-grade microphones. Following the success of its predecessor, this microphone (with an improved new design in matte finish) is committed to an increased quality on sound recording thanks to its new features.

  • Professional studio-quality
  • Removable tripod for easy transport
  • Universal anchorage system
  • Adjustable angle
  • Unidirectional microphone
  • Folding tripod
  • Micro USB connection for mobile phones and tablets

studio sound

Kimu Pro has been designed to guarantee the best sound quality to those users who are starting out or who habitually enjoy or work recording videos. With sharpness and professional sound quality, your hours of recording will be much more productive.

The technology behind Kimu Pro works by capturing localized sound, thanks to which you will be able to make the videos that your audience is waiting for.

easy to transport

Kimu Pro is an all-terrain microphone that will accompany you in any scenario where you need to record. Thanks to its removable tripod with folding legs, it can be adapted and fixed correctly in any situation.

Its premium metal grill will protect your Kimu Pro against any knock or fall. In addition, the standard thread of your tripod supports any coupling of other mounts with a 5/8” thread.

infinite facilities

Kimu Pro comes with a tilting system that allows you to tilt it, depending on your needs.

To make it easier for you, Kimu also incorporates a mute on and off button on the top, as well as an LED indicator that will warn you if it is on or not.

With its micro USB connection for mobiles and tablets you can use this microphone with the device you want.

  • Professional studio quality microphone
  • Perfect for streaming, podcasts, etc, thanks to its 3.5 mm jack audio output
  • Guy; Condenser Capsule
  • Compatible with PS4
  • micro-usb/usb
  • Directivity; Unidirectional
  • 74 x 115 x 190mm
  • Weight: 220 gr