In-ear headset Kinear



The Krom Kinear ergonomic in-ear headphones offer excellent surround sound quality and high compatibility, as well as an integrated microphone and controller so you can make phone calls and play without interruptions. Made of metal, these wired headphones are perfect for all kinds of devices - extremely easy to use and with great durability.

  • High-quality stereo sound
  • Made of aluminium
  • Push to talk" system and integrated microphone
  • Three different silicone tips sizes
  • Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE X/S, XBOX SERIES X/S, Nintendo Switch, smartphones and tablets
    *XBOX ONE compatibility: Any headphone with a jack connection is compatible, though an audio adapter is required (audio adapter not included).

Ergonomic design

These lightweight in ear headphones They have a comfortable design that prevents them from falling, including a total of three pairs of soft silicone ear tips for optimal adaptability and a safe and comfortable placement , without pressure or discomfort in the ear.

You won't notice you're wearing these in-ear headphones : Krom Kinear will allow you to fully immerse yourself thanks to good exterior insulation .

In addition, Krom Kinear have been designed in metal, a highly resistant and durable material whose alloy also helps transmit sound in better definition. On the other hand, it has a 1.2mm reinforced cable which provides great flexibility and resistance, avoiding tangles

High quality stereo sound

Krom Kinear offers a stereo sound thanks to its 8 mm drivers that provide immersive and precise, high-quality audio. These headphones have built-in speakers. Excellent performance that allows a frequency range from 108 to 3 dB . Krom Kinear picks up all frequencies, high, medium and low, offering a balanced sound, rich in nuances and of enviable quality .

With Krom Kinear you will feel the game, the music or enjoy your favorite series and movies like never before, thanks to spectacular bass and treble and clear sound.

Built-in microphone

Its integrated microphone with -42 ± 3 dB sensitivity guarantees fluid conversation, whether during a call or in a game. For perfect communication, this model has a fastening clip that allows it to be secured to the neck or to another part of the shirt or T-shirt to interact with greater security.

Remote control

The integrated microphone of these in-ear headphones allows you to pick up your voice clearly, with the required precision . Through the multifunction button , you can accept or reject calls, thanks to its Push to Talk system, increase or decrease the volume or skip songs with ease.

High compatibility

These headphones are compatible with the latest generation consoles: PS4 , PS5 , XBOX and Nintendo Switch . Its 3.5 mm jack connection also allows you to connect it to your laptop , PC , tablet or mobile phone without problems.


High-quality stereo sound, Made of aluminum, "Push to talk" system and integrated microphone, Three sizes of silicone tips


Diameter: 8 mm, Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz, Impedance: 16 Ohm, Sensitivity: 108 ± 3 dB


Diameter: 4 mm, Impedance: 2.2 kOhm, Sensitivity: -42 ± 3dB


PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE * XBOX ONE X/S XBOX SERIES X/S Nintendo Switch Smartphones Tablets
* Compatibility for XBOX ONE: All headphones with a jack connection are compatible, but an audio adapter is required, not included



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