Arcade joystick Kumite



Experience classic fighting sessions in the popular arcade machines thanks to Krom Kumite, the Krom arcade controller designed to authentically relive the most famous fighting games with the maximum precision and performance. It's an optimized joystick for arcade and fighting games that offers multiple options to unleash your combat technique.

  • Joystick and mechanical arcade buttons
  • Ultra-resistant structure
  • 8 main buttons, turbo mode and 2 macros
  • D-Pad or X/Y input modes
  • Compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and XBOX ONE
    *The Kumite controller needs to have an original PS4 or XBOX ONE gamepad connected to work

Conjugate past, present and future

Immerse yourself in an arcade experience with this multi-platform controller that combines the simplicity and robustness of arcade machines with cutting-edge performance and technology.

Krom Kumite matches the conventional design of arcade machines, with a similar distribution of levers and mechanical buttons strategically arranged in an ultra-resistant structure so you can recreate the strength and sounds of 90's games.

An excellently optimized classic

Krom Kumite features a high performance joystick and 8 highly responsive main action buttons so nothing stands between your tactics and the screen.

It has D-Pad or X/Y input modes that you can select directly in each game depending on the needs of the moment or your personal taste when it comes to defeating your opponents and, so that you don't miss any combo during the game, you can save up to 2 different combinations thanks to its Macros .

Also, for you to have the highest performance in the game, Krom Kumite includes the turbo function that you can select on the fly quickly and easily when you see fit without losing concentration on the game.

Stability and resistance

Kumite is prepared for long game sessions thanks to its strong and ergonomic structure , designed to offer the user the best comfort and stability during the game. It has non-slip rubber feet that give it consistency and firmness on any type of surface.

In addition, Kumite is made of solid materials, which guarantees high resistance to the passage of time and, therefore, great durability.

Krom Kumite is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 or XBOX One . Just plug it in and get ready to win.

  • Controller designed for arcade and fighting games
  • Mechanical arcade joystick and buttons
  • 8 main buttons, turbo mode and macros
  • ultra resistant structure
  • High response buttons
  • D-Pad or X/Y input modes
  • micro-usb/usb
  • USB
Compatibility PC / PS3 / PS4 / XBOXONE
Cable length 1.8m
Dimensions 335 x 230 x 97mm
Weight 1240g